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Dokudami tea benefits - TEN MEDICINES IN ONE

In Japan and many other Asian countries (especially Thailand, China, Korea and Vietnam), DOKUDAMI plant is a traditionally herbal medicine. It is not for nothing this herb is called a CURE-ALL. It helps or reduces pain of all sorts and an elixir and beauty aid as well. It is said to boost the immune system. There have been reports that DOKUDAMI increase immunity levels, with white blood cell counts improving as a counter action to the AIDS virus.

Our farm is located in Lopburi one of Thailand’s provinces. Our farm is an example for sustainable bio synergistic farming methods learned from years of experience in the tropics. We try keeping the land and wildlife in a natural state.

Where can I find Dokudami herb

The Dokudami herb is a flowering plant (white flower) with heart shaped leaves, native to South East Asia. 

Dokudami loves dark moist spaces and therefore mostly grows in dark. 

It is a weedy plant, which makes it highly adaptable to all kind of surroundings. The plant can also be found along the highway. You just need to know what you are looking for

herbs to boost immune system

Why one should use our fresh powder of Dokudami herb?

Researchers have examined the biological behavior of Dokudami and extensive research regarding the Dokudami tea benefits. It has uncovered surprising revelations about its relation to human health and the Dokudami plant.

Dokudami helps brings your body into balance and we believe this herb is a good foundation for a healthy life.

Dokudami herb contains natural histamine

Allergy, many people suffer from it. Our body produces unwanted histamine. This substance causes respiratory problems, a runny nose, itchy eyes and many other discomforts. It has been researched and it turns out that Dokudami herb has an inhibitory effect, stopping or reducing allergy problems.

Potent Antioxidant

Dokudami herb contains polyphenols. Polyphenols are said to protect and improve our immune system. These include protection for the heart and vessels, obesity, allergies, hay fever, inflammation, ionizing radiation and, short-term memory, learning ability and alertness, metabolism and respiration. However, science is far from finished with the research of the various substances. One can demonstrate functions in laboratories and under specific conditions in laboratory animals, thus the functioning in practice in the human body has not yet been demonstrated. In many cases an effect will be caused by a combination of substances and factors.

This herb protects against harmful organisms

Antibacterial is the magic word or not? However, you should know that not all bacteria are bad. There must be a balance of bacteria in your digestive system because good bacteria support the digestive system in fighting the bad bacteria. The herbal dokudami promotes intestinal balance by fighting the harmful bacteria and discouraging and destroying them, so that you can enjoy a healthy digestive system.

Immune System Support

Dokudami herb can help you support the immune system by stimulating the production of lymphocytes, white blood cells that are crucial for the body's natural defense system.The white blood cells are the "natural killer cells", and through a lot of research we now know how important these white blood cells are for our health. We can even count them and a healthy person will have between 500 and 1500 CD4 cells (per mm 3 blood). If you have less than 200 CD4 cells, you are much more susceptible to infections.You can see Dokudami herb as a natural component for a healthy lifestyle. It will not be a magic miracle cure, but it can be seen as supported. Something besides exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of sunshine and sleep are also instrumental in supporting your immune system.

Thai farm

Dokudami farm

Why one should use our fresh powder of Dokudami herb?

Thailand is known for a lot of things and one of it great thing coming from this country is the herb, Dokudami. This herb can latterly be found in our backyard where it grows in the wild. Nevertheless our product comes from specially cultivated land. Here it is grown, dried and pulverized into a handy powder. Therefrom bagged and made ready for worldwide shipping.

How to use the Dokudami tea?​

We recommend to use the powder as Dokudami tea. This very easy and somehow the taste of Dokudami herb tea where outs the Dokudami tea benefits as mentioned above.If the taste is an issue next to Dokudami tea possibility you can also put one spoon of Dokudami powder in your smoothie or fruit shake.

The dose for your Dokudami tea or other drinks

The dose will be 1 spoons per serving twice a day ideal when you wake up just before breakfast and before you go to bed.

Dokudami tea

For the Dokudami tea, warm-up half a cup of water about 10 sec. in the microwave then you add 1 spoon of powder for your Dokudami tea. Add some more water until your cup is full. Try to keep it a hot drink as this will taste better. You could put it in a small tea container but I never use this. It can taste a bit sandy but no worry. 

The color of the substance is the same color as the “button buy”  

A smoothie and other drinks

As the Dokudami tea can be too strong for you I would suggest a smoothie or a fruit drink. This will make the taste more disguised as well as the green color which can put you off.